What is a contingency unemployment lawyer?

An attorney who works on a contingency basis is a legal practitioner who requires little or no money before an unemployment hearing and is paid “only if you prevail.”

Contingency unemployment legal help is a new concept. Most law firms are unwilling to extend this service. However, since we are soHelpingHand focused on unemployment as a practice area, we endeavored to find a way to offer a service to those in the most need.

If your wages are approximately $10.00 per hour or less, or you have other circumstances that you believe merit a contingency basis,  you are potentially eligible for a contingency based unemployment lawyer.

Once you are deemed financially eligible by our unemployment lawyers, we must evaluate the merits of your case. Based on this evaluation, we will discuss on what terms we can represent you.

Our consultations are always free to talk to and it takes only a few minutes to determine eligibility. Contact us today!

 Why are you the only law firm that offers contingency unemployment lawyer?

We noticed very early on that a vast number of people needed legal help during the hearing simply could not afford it. Consequently, it became obvious that people with many thousands of dollars of potential unemployment would simply lose it because of the expensive cost of good attorney. We believe it was absolutely unfair that people who are due unemployment benefits are denied because they lack the resources for an unemployment lawyer.

Is it a good idea to use a contingency lawyer for the upcoming hearing?

The short answer is that most, if not virtually all, of our qualified contingency clients are ecstatic they used our help. Here is a short anecdote:

Recently, two people contacted our firm with a nearly identical problem. They both made about $10.00 per hour and were in extremely difficult financial conditions. The UC Service Center had made an error and both clients hadn’t received a hearing date for months. They both had nearly $10,000 in back benefits owed to them between the Pennsylvania’s 26 weeks and the Federal Extension. However, only one person decided to utilize our contingency service. As you might suspect, the hearings finally occurred and the person who did not bring an unemployment attorney lost on a shocking technical mistake – a document of “pure hearsay” was admitted without an objection and the Referee decided to rely on it to deem them INELIGIBLE. With our help, this person would have won all of their back benefits and would have continued collecting unemployment benefits for some time to come.

The other person had a very similar evidentiary situation in the hearing regarding testimony of a person who didn’t witness, but documented, the incident. Because our unemployment lawyers know the rules of evidence, this was excluded and therefore not considered by the Referee. The person who used our help prevailed.