What are some common reasons people seek unemployment benefits?

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Woman Carrying Belongings in BoxThere are many reasons why people seek unemployment benefits.  Some of the most common reasons people seek unemployment benefits are because:

  • you were laid off due to lack of work.
  • you were fired without good cause.
  • you quit your job with good cause such as unhealthy or dangerous working conditions.
  • you had to leave your job because of domestic violence.
  • you were needed to quit your job because of a very important personal reason.
  • you voluntarily quit your job because you had a compelling reason, such as bad health or unsafe working conditions.
  • you were fired through no fault of your own.
  • you were fired because of a pretextual (discriminatory) motive.
  • you were fired for a seemingly minor or absurd reason.
  • you felt pressured to leave and couldn’t continue working?


In some situations, people feel they don’t deserve their unemployment benefits.  As an employee, you have paid into the unemployment fund through your paycheck, and after years of paying into it, you are entitled to receive those benefits. It doesn’t matter what your reason may be for seeking unemployment benefits.  Whatever your reason may be an unemployment lawyer will fight to get you your unemployment benefits.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar? If so, you should contact an unemployment lawyer to fight your appeal.