How to win a PA unemployment appeal

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unemployment_officeA Pennsylvania unemployment appeal is never easy to win, especially if you do it by yourself.   When the Unemployment Compensation (UC) department has made an unemployment eligibility determination, both parties (claimant and employer) will be sent a copy of the determination. Both you and your former employer have the right to appeal the unemployment determination.  Employers take appeals for unemployment very seriously and so should you.

Particularly these days, employers appeal unemployment decisions on a regular basis. Although you have paid into the unemployment fund through your paycheck, this does not entitle you to unemployment benefits.  As well, if you are awarded unemployment compensation benefits, you former employer is responsible for additional costs they must pay.  To an employer, these costs are viewed as an unnecessary, additional expense to their business, which is why an employer will likely hire an attorney to represent them.

PA unemployment appeals must be filed within 15 days from the date the unemployment eligibility determination was mailed. The UC referee will first rule on the timeliness of the appeal before considering any other issue. This means that if you intend to appeal an unemployment decision against you, you must do so within the appropriate time frame.

When appealing unemployment determination, particular attention should be paid to the issues to be considered as listed on the hearing notice. A skilled unemployment attorney will be able to assess the validity of the claims against you and develop a compelling argument to fight for re-instatement of your unemployment compensation benefits.

It is important that you consider employing a lawyer for your unemployment appeal.  While this may be your first time in dealing with an unemployment appeal, for your former employer, it probably is not.  Employers are aware of the documentation and records they must keep for unemployment appeals, and at most hearings, employers try to introduce them.  An unemployment lawyer knows what documents an employer can and cannot introduce at an unemployment appeal.  One single document can determine the outcome of your entire appeal and whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

It is also important to consider that many employers employ companies who are skilled at winning an unemployment appeals.  You will be asked difficult questions and will be faced with difficult situations.  An unemployment lawyer will even the playing field and fight to make sure you receive a strong defense.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you quit or were discharged from your job.  You have the right to appeal your unemployment eligibility determination and fight for your unemployment benefits.  It is knowing how to appeal unemployment decisions that will make the difference of whether you and your family have an income during these hard times.